Yugoslav radiation protection association (YRPA) was founded at the Frist Yugoslav Conference on Radiology Protection, held in Portorož on 11th October 1963. At the inaugural meeting, the temporary management had been elected:

  • Grujica Žarković, president,
  • Andrija Muhek, vice president,
  • Ljubomir Barberić, vice president,
  • Vladeta Gajić, general secretary,
  • Zdenko Milavc, secretary,
  • Milovan Vidmar, secretary,
  • Dušan Srdoc, secretary
  • and members: Milan Babšek, Kazimir Baryla, Zdravko Buzančić, Borivoje Damjanović, Zoran Đukić, Aleksandar Gal, Dragutin Grozdanović, Srđan Hajduković, Alenka Jeršić, Milica Kačarević, Dušan Kanazir, Miloš Kilibarda, Krista Kostijal, Branimir Miletić, Zoran Popović,Petar Mirić, Živana Petrović, Velimir Popović, Ante Spozna, Dušan Stojanović,Toma Tasovac, Velimir Vouk, Selimir Vrbić.

At the meeting, held on 23rd October 1963, the executive council was established:

  • president: Grujica Žarković,
  • vice presidents: Andrija Muhek and Ljubomir Barberić,
  • general secretary: Vladeta Gajić,
  • secretaries: Predrag Bojović, Dušan Srdoc and Janez Kristan,
  • members: Zdravko Buzančić, Zoran Đukić, Živana Petrović, Velimir Popović, Toma Tasovac and Gligor Tofoski.

It was assigned at the meeting, that Association should be the link between all interested in radiation protection. It should help the scientific and professional work to be improved and safely applied in practice. The main task would be organizing the scientific meetings and conferences on the radiation protection topic.

formiranje IRPAImage 1. Forming of IRPA-e in 1964.

Since the foundation of YRPA, efforts had been made to contact and cooperate with similar organizations in the country and abroad. YRPA representatives participated at International Radiation Protection Association (IRPA) foundation meeting, held in Paris in 1964, and at First annual meeting and congress in Roma, in 1966. Yugoslav radiation protection association had become a member of IRPA in 1969. Nowadays, Yugoslav Radiation Protection Association has about 80 members and has organized 19 symposiums and few international regional meetings.

    The main tasks and aims of the YRPA are:

    • organization of activities on the continuous quality improvement and protection of the: environment, the human and animal population from the harmful effects of the radiation;
    • permanent advance training of the members and professional staff working with radiation sources and continual application of radiation protection principles;
    • organized initiation and support of scientific research in all fields where the radiation sources are used for peaceful purposes;
    • nurture the professional and ethical principles of radiation sources use;
    • organized efforts and requirements for continuous public education and information about radiation and radiation protection;
    • collaboration with radiation protection associations and societies from other countries and international organizations; and professional and scientific experience exchange;
    • examining and follow up of the radiation protection system organization and suggesting improvements;
    • training and qualifying the professionals who work with radiation sources and in radiation protection services for efficient work in accidental situations;
    • organization of symposiums, conferences and other professional and scientific meetings;
    • organization of public discussions about the norms and regulations about radiation sources application and radiation protection in general;
    • application of ethical principles in the field of radiation sources use and radiation protection regulations;
    • care for adequate social positioning of professionals dealing with radiation sources in radiation protection departments;
    • active cooperation with International Radiation Protection Association (IRPA) and other international organizations and associations of radiation protection and participation in international professional and scientific conferences and meetings;
    • active cooperation with radiation protection societies, organizations and associations from other countries;
    • cooperation with other associations professionally interested in radiation protection;
    • publication of journal and bulletin of the YRPA, etc.

clanska karta 1966Image 2. Membership card of Yugoslav Society for Radiation Protection

In the period from 1963 to 1970, the Society was called “Yugoslav Society for Radiological Protection”, but in the period 1972-2003 changed its name to “The Yugoslav Society for Radiation Protection”. In 2005 received the name, that it still bears, “Society for Radiation Protection of Serbia and Montenegro”.

“Society for Radiation Protection of Serbia and Montenegro”, now, has about 80 active members and acts as a professional non-profit organization that is oriented to improve the safety of people and the environment from harmful effects of radiation. The main activity of the Association is to support the organization of research in all fields of application and use of radiation sources, and to encourage and monitor the highest professional and ethical principles in the course of this research. The Association actively influence the writing of the proposal for the regulation of radiation protection at the national level, working with other professional societies and associations in the field of radiation protection in other countries and with international organizations and associations. Together with “Serbian Nuclear Society”, “Society for Radiation Protection of Serbia and Montenegro,” is the co-founder of the journal “Nuclear Technology and Radiation Protection”. This journal is a scientific journal with international reviewers and covers a wide range of disciplines that fall within the nuclear science and technology, as well as in the field of radiation protection. The journal is included in the “ISI Web of Knowledge – Web of Science, Science Citation Index Expanded – SCI” and in the ” Journal Citation Reports / Science Edition .” With the current impact factor of 1.159, the journal is available for download on: the website of the National Library of Serbia – doiSerbia; Directory with the open access journals – DOAJ, and from Portal with open access e-journals – Open J-Gate.